Tips for Planning a Summer Party

Party PlanningDid you know Peg At Your Service handles party and event planning? If you’re thinking of hosting a summer party but need help with invitations, decorations, setup and cleanup, among other things, Peg At Your Service can be a godsend.

Summer parties typically involve spending time outdoors. In Florida, that could mean a really hot and sunny day with a surprise rain shower that lasts a couple minutes. If possible, it’s a good idea to have somewhere for shelter from the sun and rain, whether it’s under an awning, tent, or inside a building. It’s also important to have places for people to sit down and relax as well as tables where they can place items like their drinks, purses, or iPads.

When planning a summer party, consider who you’ll invite and what you think they’d like at the party. Peg At Your Service can help with selecting a caterer, making sure service people are there to go around and serve guests their food and drinks, as well as bringing in other amenities like flowers and guest favors to add to the overall atmosphere.

Oftentimes, people like to have a theme, such as a “luau” where people wear beachwear and sip Pina Coladas or a “pirate birthday party for kids” where eye patches and plastic swords get the youngsters all excited. Themed parties are fun and give people a chance to dress up in a way they don’t normally dress. It’s a prudent idea to have a photo booth at these parties so everyone can have fun taking pictures.

Ideally, a summer party is best when it’s well planned, well executed, and there’s plenty of tasty food and drinks for guests. Entertainers, such as jazz trios or jugglers or costumed characters, can add to the delight of guests. Bringing in bounce houses can make kids squeal with glee. It’s always good to have more than less at parties, and anything unusual or “extra” to get people talking can help make the event more memorable.

There are all sorts of summer parties and events that could happen this year– and since they’re all distinctly unique, it’s best to call Peg At Your Service and discuss your wants and needs. Call 954-917-0925 today so you’ll have time to get ready for your party properly.

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