I started out my diverse life working as a Marketing Officer in a large corporate bank in Boston. While I was living and working there, I realized I was very interested in decorating and attended college for Interior Design, and received my ASID Certificate.

But life can sometimes take you where you least expect it to, and I found myself living on a sailboat at anchor in Elephant Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Everyone living around me in my anchorage were yacht crew. We always rotated who’s boat we were going to eat dinner at and visit with. It was an idyllic life (when we weren’t dealing with hurricanes!) My friends all encouraged me to get into the yacht crew business and they told me I was a great Chef. So, I then found myself in Florida and starting a new career as a Chef aboard private and charter luxury yachts. I quickly learned that if I worked on yachts less than 100 feet, I didn’t have to deal with the large crews like what you see on the TV show BELOW DECK. It was a lot less drama and a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. I also have to say that enjoyed the private yachts versus the charter yachts.

I did the “crew yachting” lifestyle for about 8 years but had to retire to take care of my Mom, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. That was really overwhelming at times, and so to keep busy, I started this business; Peg At Your Service in 2006 to keep myself active and my brain involved outside of my caretaking chores with my Mom day and night. My Mom sadly passed away, and I’ve since jumped in headfirst and have expanded Peg At Your Service. My business is diverse, and I love all the interesting people I’ve met along the way, as well as all the many pets I’ve been privileged to take care of and cuddle with.

I hope that you will find that my services can be of great help to you!

Picture of Peg in uniform in the yacht’s galley

I have also always wanted to compile all my family and yacht chef recipes and I’ve self-published a cookbook entitled “The Portside Cuisine Cookbook, A Yacht Chef’s Recipe Collection”. It was a big project and I’m proud of my accomplishments involving this gorgeous cookbook.

You can purchase my cookbook in either print form or in digital format on Amazon.com. If you’re interested, you can purchase my cookbook by clicking on the link shown here. http://amzn.to/1Nx0Y0N

I also have a Blog that has selected recipes, some boating stories, including some hurricane stories, some personal family recollections, and some really great tips and techniques. I invite you to also visit www.PortsideCuisine.com