The Advantages of Working With an Event Planner

Party PlannerHave you ever been to an event or party where it seemed no one was in charge? Without a leader, an event or party can end up being a real disaster since lots of people are running around but there’s no order, rhyme or reason to the whole thing. Do you want guests happy and engaged, or aloof and browsing on their phones to pass the time?

Thank goodness for Peg At Your Service. As an event and party planner in South Florida, Peg At Your Service can take charge of your event or party to help ensure it goes smoothly and is memorable for guests. Rather than leave things to chance, it’s so much better to have a well-prepared, well-organized get together where someone like Peg is in charge.

Too often people put time and effort into planning an event only to want to let the event “run itself” on the big day. By then they’re tired out from all the planning and they want to just relax with the rest of the guests. When this happens, all sorts of things can and do go wrong, and the party host ends up being stressed out and grumpy, trying to “put out fires” all around them, and secretly wishing that guests will decide to leave soon. That’s no way to party!

December, as you probably know, is one of the biggest party months of the year what with Christmas, New Year’s and “end-of-year” corporate events going on at homes and offices around South Florida. Why not put Peg At Your Service in charge so the event or party is a hit rather than a dud? Call 954-917-0925 to take away your stress today.

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