Senior Citizen Assistance Services

peg_carThese days, we need all the help we can get in caring for ourselves, our children and our aging parents…all the while working for a living!

PAYS can lend a helping hand and assist you by taking your loved ones on their errands. It’s extremely important for our Senior Citizens to maintain their independence. We want that for them first and foremost. Our goal is to just be there for Senior Assistance and support that affords you a little piece of mind knowing that there is someone reliable and trustworthy close by that is only there to lend support… whether it be everyday or just “as needed”. Peg is not, senior_insethowever, a licensed or trained nursing assistant. Those needs should be performed by licensed and trained professionals.

Please call us to see how we can help you lend assistance to the important and proud Senior Citizen in your life!

  • Transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments
  • Personal Shopper & Errand Services
  • Telephone check-ins while you’re away or at work
  • Personal check-ins
  • Shopping companion