Senior Assistance

These days, we are caring for ourselves, our children and our aging parents…all the while working for a living!

PAYS can lend a helping hand assisting you by taking your loved ones on their errands.  It’s extremely important for our Senior Citizens to maintain their independence.  I want that for them first and foremost.  Our goal is to just be there for Senior Assistance and support that affords you a little piece of mind knowing that there is someone reliable and trustworthy close by that is only there to lend support … Peg is not, however, a licensed or trained nursing assistant.  Those needs should be performed by licensed and trained professionals.

Please call me to see how I can help you lend assistance to the important and proud Senior Citizen in your life!

  • Transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments
  • Personal Shopper & Errand Services
  • Telephone check-ins while you’re away or at work
  • Shopping Companion   

 Peg At Your Service!

  Serving Northern Broward County and Southern Palm Beach County