Tips for Helping Senior Citizens Maintain their Independence

Elderly Assistance Since people are living longer these days, one thing’s for sure: they typically still want and value their independence.

You’ve probably met an older person who likes to say, “I can do it myself!” There are plenty of people over a certain age who are proudly and fiercely independent. They come from a generation where hard work and self-reliance were the norm.

As people age, it’s not unusual for them to end up in a senior home where they’re well cared for by nurses and staff. However, seniors would most likely prefer to stay in their own house or apartment for as long as possible before being “shipped off to ‘the home’.”

How can you help a senior citizen in your life to maintain their independence such that they can still live on their own? Peg At Your Service of Palm Beach County, Florida offers a service which gives assistance to seniors in a helpful way, as needed or everyday depending on the situation. While Peg isn’t a trained/licensed nurse, she certainly can fulfill many duties that a caregiver offers, such as driving seniors to/from doctors’ appointments. Meanwhile, Peg makes a great shopping companion for seniors. If they don’t want to go shopping, Peg can go to the local stores with a list and get the items they want and need. She can also run errands for seniors.

Oftentimes older people have limited mobility. It can be hard to stand, sit, and/or walk for a long time. Therefore, Peg does the walking/driving for them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ve got a reliable and trustworthy ally like Peg checking in on your mom or dad? Peg At Your Service does both telephone check-ins and personal check-ins.

Peg At Your Service offers senior citizen assistance services. Please call 561-908-2004  to discuss your needs today.

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