Personal Assistant

As your Personal Assistant, we can combine all of our services into one great personalized package for you. You can feel confident that PAYS will take care of your everyday needs and demands on a personal and confidential basis.

Here are just some of the services we can assist you with:

  • Banking
  • Mail and packages
  • Shopping
  • Invitations, Thank You’s and Seasonal cards and decorating
  • Gift Baskets
  • Gift Shopping and Wrapping

Are you a FREQUENT TRAVELER?travel_inset

If your work schedule or life requires you to travel all the time, and you feel like you’re never home for very long, we can help you take care of all those important tasks at home while you’re away with our Property Management Services.

Have you got a busy week out of town? No problem!

We can look after mostly everything at home, pick up your dry cleaning, and stock the refrigerator with all of your favorite items.

personal_assistPAYS would like to help you keep your fast-paced life on track so that when you’re finally able to come home, you can actually enjoy it and have time for the important things in your life.


We can help you with:

  • Obtaining and comparing Moving companies
  • Research new schools, parks, houses of worship, etc.
  • Complete your post office changes of address
  • Arrange moving details (utilities, movers, deliveries, contractors)
  • Home Improvement shopping and organize renovation projects
  • Cabinet and storage organization
  • Stock the refrigerator and pantry for you


baby_insetWe can help you with:

  • Shopping for diapers and formula
  • Birth Announcements and Thank You’s
  • Help prepare your home for your Newborn; and
  • We can even help you set up your new Nursery

If you have anything else you may need that’s not listed, just ask!