Home Staging and Redesign Services

home_insetHome Staging & Redesign is another one of Peg’s diverse services!

When we’re helping you with your own living space, we can help you with whatever style makes you feel comfortable and happy at home. If we’re helping you stage your home to sell, we can help you to organize, de-clutter, and prepare your home for this tough market.

Staging is about making your home appealing to the widest range of potential buyers… Curb Appeal! Buyers need to form an immediate attachment to your home, and when they walk in your front door, they immediately think to themselves “I could easily live here!” Home Staging encourages that feeling. In today’s market, almost 90% of all successful sales is about the Buyer’s immediate emotional response to your home. Home Staging can be your definitive key factor in that first impression.

Please contact us for a brochure, and we invite you to contact Peg for more in-depth solutions for staging your home. Peg is also happy to share some before and after photos of successful home staging project as well as our testimonials.

We’re also great at helping you to redesign your own persohome_inset2nal space with your own “stuff” to help you to put the balance back into your life! Call us to arrange a consultation to come and discuss with you your personal style and goals.

  • Household and/or office organization
  • Stage your home to feel and look its best to give you that competitive edge prior to putting your home on the market
  • Design and décor consulting
  • Home redesign

We have a great sense of style, color and quiet taste, and we pay very close attention to the details and to your budget!