How to Prepare for a South Florida Trade Show

Trade ShowsSouth Florida is a popular place for trade shows because people like to visit a sunny, warm place for such events. Even though trade shows are generally held indoors, the opportunity to relax at the nearby beach afterward is a big draw.

If you’re preparing for a trade show, there are lots of things to think about, including questions to answer like, “Why do I want to participate in this particular show?” and “What might I or my company get out of it?” Trade shows can be great places to promote products as well as network with like-minded people.

When booking trade show space, ask about your potential location on the trade show floor to determine who would be near you, whether it’s a high traffic or low traffic area, and what the space looks like, size and lighting-wise. Consider whether or not you have money in your budget to properly afford attending the show, too.

Who are you trying to reach at the trade show and how can you attract their attention? Oftentimes, people bring papers to set on a table, they sit in a chair behind the table, and that’s about it– boring. However, with the right type of giveaways, you can create some excitement and get more people to come talk with you. Giving away prizes and/or promotional items always helps get people to your table. Some people bring a large wheel for guests to spin to “see what they win.” Others have guests fill out their name and contact info on a card to drop into a box for a later drawing for a nice prize like a free trip or a car.

Trade shows are often used to sell products, but one thing that should not be forgotten is it’s a people-meeting-people event. Therefore, your table needs to be staffed with engaging, outgoing types who have no fear in approaching guests and having conversations with them. Make the guests feel good, and you’ve essentially won them over to you/your side/what you’re selling!

Now trade shows can be fun, but they’re also work. Therefore, if you need help with your trade show table in South Florida, consider hiring Peg At Your Service. Need someone to help with your pre-show prep, such as receiving send-ahead stock and unpacking it? Call Peg At Your Service at 954-917-0925 today.

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