How to Eat Like a Luxury Yacht Owner

The Portside Cuisine CookbookPeg At Your Service may be known for helping make people’s lives less stressful through the services she offers, such as party planning or property management services in South Florida, but did you know Peg’s a cookbook author, too?

When Peg was a little girl her mother worked a shift where she was rarely home at dinner time. As an only child, Peg took to cooking dinner for herself and her dad. Rather than dread cooking, Peg took to it like a fish to water and enjoyed preparing food in a creative way. Later in life, her home became the “go to” home for holiday meals as friends and family flocked to her kitchen to see and taste what she was cooking.

Interestingly, Peg ended up living on a sailboat at anchor in the U.S. Virgin Islands for several years. During this time, she cooked aboard many private and charter luxury yachts. The recipes she came up with during her yachting life ended up becoming part of Peg’s cookbook, The Portside Cuisine Cookbook: A Yacht Chef’s Recipe Collection, which is available to buy on, where it has received rave reviews.

Combining everyday recipes along with some more elaborate ones, the cookbook also contains recipes from fellow yacht chefs. So, if you’ve ever wondered what rich people eat aboard their yachts in the Caribbean, The Portside Cuisine Cookbook: A Yacht Chef’s Recipe Collection will tell you. Because Peg is both simple and clear with her recipes, you’ll find yourself able to cook just like she did on the yachts.

You should consider hiring Peg to help with various chores you don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do, with the potential chance that there’ll be just enough time for her to share some of her favorite recipes with you. Call Peg At Your Service today at 954-917-0925.

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